Purple Wristlet
Purple Wristlet
Purple Wristlet
Purple Wristlet
Purple Wristlet
Purple Wristlet

Purple Wristlet

Not sure about you, but we've only got two hands. Why relegate half your hands to keeping up with keys? Find freedom in the form of Italian leather and brass.

Pair with our card wallet for the ultimate grab-and-go convenience without sacrificing style.

Handcrafted in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Imported Italian leather with brass hardware.

Each wristlet is approximately six inches long when folded and approximately 0.7 inches wide. The key ring is approximately 2.5 inches long and approximately 1.3 inches wide.

Each character is stamped by hand. As such, there will be variation in spacing and alignment. Dates are written with dots between, e.g. 10.10.2020

Personalization characters available:
A-Z in capitals only, numbers, ampersand (&), dot/period (.), and hash (#).

Product Care

Leather Care
For our Italian vegetable-tanned leathers, avoid exposure to water. Mink oil can be applied to protect and enhance the beauty of these leathers. Our French leathers have a scratch-resistant and waterproof finish on the face.

Brass Care
Solid brass develops a beautiful, natural patina over time with handling and exposure to air. To bring back its original luster, use a brass cleaner, e.g. Brasso, with a hand cloth.

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