Our Origin Story

Hi! I'm Kate, and I'm the founder and maker behind Avryn Co. I'm a mother of two girls and a wife to an incredibly supportive sidekick. Out and about in daily life I kept finding myself frustrated that I didn't have a convenient way to carry my keys when my hands were full of ALL THE THINGS--kids, groceries, coffee, my phone, etc. My girls were also tired of me jabbing them with my keys when putting them in the car. ;) 

Easy problem to solve, right? There are tons of things out there you can attach to your keys to get them out of your hands. But I'm picky. I never liked the bangle-style key ring bracelets because they're so bulky. Other wrist straps for keys are too tight to easily slide your hand into. Not to mention almost all the other solutions out there use split rings for holding your keys which I have yet to use without ruining a fingernail.

Avryn Co.'s first product, our wristlet, was designed to solve all of those problems in a simple, timeless way. Firm, yet supple leather means it's never too bulky. The way the wristlet attaches to the ring is unique, allowing it to open more freely and easily slip onto your arm. The screw-lock ring brings an element of modern elegance while making it simple to add or remove keys without a nail casualty.

We added the card wallet in the fall of 2020 to create the perfect minimalist grab-and-go option and I'm happy to report I haven't driven without a license since! Imported Italian leather and brass are our core materials and each product is made by hand.

I hope our products add a little bit of function and beauty to your everyday life!

Heart, Kate