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Genuine Leather Key Tags

Personalizable key tags add function and a pop of color to an otherwise easy-to-lose set.


Minimalist Pieces in Genuine Leather

Waterproof and scratch-resistant or classic and buttery soft? You choose.

Made By Hand in Greenville, SC

Every order is made, packaged, and sent by hand and with heart.

Personalization for Function & Flair

Color and hand-stamped personalization set your keys apart.

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Because you literally can't go wrong.


Carry The Essentials With Style & Ease

Say Goodbye To Broken Nails

Key tags come with brass screw-lock rings that make adding and removing keys easy.

Take Your Keys From Necessity To Accessory

Your keys are always on you—right there by your side. Why not love them a little more?

Add Style With Leather & Brass

Classic leather can be hand-stamped and personalized. While pebbled adds a pop of color.


In Life-Proof Pebbled or Buttery-Soft Classic Leather

Avryn Co. key tags are available in both pebbled and classic leather. Not sure which one to choose? We’ll help you decide.

Life-Proof Pebbled

Our pebbled leather products are scratch-resistant, durable, and naturally weatherproof. If you (or your kids) are hard on your essentials, this is your pick.

Sorry, pebbled leather can’t be personalized.

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Buttery-Soft Classic

More delicate, so elegant. Classic leather is your everyday luxury. It can roll with the punches of daily life but a little care will keep it looking its best.

Bonus: Classic leather can be personalized.

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It’s Time Your Keys Got An Upgrade

For something you carry with youeveryday, the standard keychain is pitifully un-fun. It’s all business, no pleasure. And besides your worn-out Class Pass fob, nothing about it sets your keys apart. Let’s fix that!

1. Pick

Pick your favorite color and the type of leather that best suits your lifestyle.

2. Pair

Combine your key tag with a wristlet and card wallet to maximize its functionality.

3. Personalize

Make it yours! Classic leather key tags can be hand-stamped.


You Can Never Have Too Many Key Tags

Between labeling the mailroom key, giving your personal set more personality, and making your spare keys easier to find, we’re thinking you should stock up!

Shop New Releases & Limited Editions

Up your key game with these new, limited, and colorful styles.


Key Tag FAQs

Will you restock sold-out colors?

Generally, yes! But some colors are offered for a limited time. If a restock is planned we will share our best estimates of restock dates on the product page. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of restocks.

Do you offer small discounts on bulk orders?

Yes! For orders of 10 items or more, please contact us so we can chat.

Do you offer the screw lock ring by itself?

No, but it comes with our key tags and wristlets and can be added to our card wallets.

Can I personalize my key tag?

You can if you choose one of our classic Italian leather options.

What’s the correct order of initials for a monogram?

Most people choose first, middle, and last.

Do you offer lower case letters for personalization?

No, but we offer capital letters A-Z, numbers, ampersand (&), dot/period (.), and hash (#) for personalization.

Can you stamp my company logo into a key tag?

Yes! But in addition to the cost of the key tags you order, there will be a small fee to cover the cost of having a custom stamp made. Contact us for more information.

Your Favs Are Selling Fast!

Good things take time—and sell out fast! Our wristlets are made by hand in small batches and are always in demand. Grab your new go-to before it’s gone.

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