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Leather goods in minimalist styles. Created by women, for women, in Greenville, S.C.

Intentional Essentials, Handmade With Heart.


Let Us Give You A Hand

When’s the last time you had a free day? A free hour? Or even a free hand? If you’re like us, it’s been too long.

We see you carrying all the things, with hands as full as your to-do list. You’re caffeinated, motivated, and keeping the world turning. And doing it all with grace (most days). Woman to woman, we tip all the hats we’re wearing to you.

We made our hands-free essentials because we were tired of being weighed down by bulky purses, clunky lanyards, and stuffed back pockets that couldn’t keep up with us. 

And we thought you might be, too.

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Genuine Leather Goods

Our minimalist, leather essentials are high-quality and designed to thrive under weekday pressure.

For Women, By Women

Our all-female team knows you're busy and does a happy dance (or coffee cheers) when you order.

Made By Hand in Greenville

We work in small batches and craft each item by hand, from our studio in Greenville, S.C.

We Make These For You


Avryn Co. was designed for busy hands, full lives, and long days.

We’re for moms with their hands full of grocery bags, lunch boxes, and school papers. We’re for city-dwellers who walk to work, meet up for lunch, and say yes to happy hour. We’re for women who rebel against purses—but resent their overstuffed pockets.

We’re for everyday life. Real life. And real people. Like us. Like you.


It All Started On A Busy Monday…

Hi! I'm Kate, and I'm the founder and maker behind Avryn Co. I'm a mother of two girls and a wife to an incredibly supportive sidekick. Out and about in daily life, I kept finding myself frustrated that I didn't have a convenient way to carry my keys when my hands were full of ALL THE THINGS—kids, groceries, coffee, my phone. I know you get it. My girls were also tired of me accidentally jabbing them with keys while getting them into the car!

Easy problem to solve, right? There are tons of things out there you can attach to your keys to get them out of your hands. But I'm picky. Maybe you are, too.

I never liked the bangle-style key ring bracelets. They're so bulky! Other wrist straps for keys are too tight to easily slide your hand into. And almost all the other solutions use split rings—which I have yet to use without ruining a nail.

Avryn Co.'s first product, our wristlet, was designed to solve all of those problems in a simple, timeless way. It's never too bulky and it easily slips onto your arm. The screw-lock ring brings in elegance while making it simple to add or remove keys without a nail casualty. We added the card wallet in 2020 to create the perfect minimalist grab-and-go option and I'm happy to report I haven't driven without a license since!

I hope our products add a little beauty and a lot more function to your everyday life!

Behind Every Strong Woman Is More Strong Women



Founder & Maker

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Operations Manager

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Production Assistant

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You Make Us Look Really Good


I’ll Never Go Back!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“…to a bulky wallet!! I got my wallet and wristlet four months ago and they just keep getting better. I can fit everything I need in it and the button closure is secure-- it won’t come loose or undone. The wristlet makes my life easier (with kids and work and all the bags to and from the car) and I have purchased both as gifts for other people since getting mine! It’s just so good. I hmmed and hawed for a while before I got them and honestly wish I had just gotten them sooner!!”

Mar 19, 2022
Best Seller

Nothing Short Of Perfect

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I now have 3 Avryn Co products and I can’t believe I ever lived without them. I have my ocean blue wallet of course. Then I have an Olive wristlet and Chestnut wristlet for when I want to switch it up. These products are quality, functional, and stylish. Not to mention that when you purchase these you are supporting a small business which means a family. There is no drawback here. Buy the wristlet!”

Apr 23, 2021


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I just received the ocean blue wallet and wristlet that I ordered and they are beautiful! The blue is gorgeous! I actually bought two sets (one for myself and one as a gift). I have been admiring them from afar and finally decided to treat myself and I'm so glad I did. The wallet holds a surprising amount and the wristlet makes it so easy to grab and go. They are the perfect pair to run errands, go to the playground or toss in my purse. Very light weight and functional too!”

Julie E.
Mar 19, 2022
Best Seller

Couldn’t Love It More!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I am SO grateful for this product as a toddler mama! I have MANY times gotten somewhere and thought “Oh no! Did I grab my wallet?” And then sighed with relief knowing if my car started, my wallet was attached to the keys! I have the wristlet and wallet and love them both. I’ve recommended them to every mom friend and gifted them too! Would give 10 stars if I could!!”

Erin N.
Oct 1, 2021


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