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How much can an Avryn Co. card wallet hold?

Surprisingly spacious, intentionally small, Avryn Co. card wallets can comfortably hold 8 cards plus cash. And since you can attach your keys, you can take comfort knowing that if your car turns on, you have all your essentials like your license, cards and cash! Here’s a look inside of what some of our customers are carrying in their card wallets. Katherine has 8 cards and 2 checks in her Brownstone Brown wallet. Sabrina has 10 cards, 5 bills and a couple receipts in her Flamingo Pink wallet. Lucia has 9 cards and 2 bandaids in her Feather Gray wallet Many customers carry more than just cards & cash in their wallets. We asked our Instagram audience what else they have in their card wallet...

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Leather Care: how to keep your Avryn Co. items looking their best!

We use two different leathers for our products; classic Italian leather, and pebbled* French leather.  Our classic leather is vegetable tanned and buttery soft. It can roll with the punches of daily life but a little extra care will keep it looking its best. Avoid exposing our classic Italian leather to water as much as possible (pro tip- tuck your wristlet/wallet under your shirt/jacket when caught in the rain). Consider applying mink oil when new and again every few months for proactive maintenance to protect and enhance the beauty of this luxurious material. Check out the video below for a demo of applying mink oil. Chestnut Brown Wallet after four months of daily use and regular conditioning. Our pebbled leather...

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Keyring Bent Out of Shape?

Maybe your kids decided to play tug-o-war with your keys, or maybe your keyring got caught on something and you pulled on it without realizing it. That’s okay! If your keyring is bent, it’s easy to get it back in great shape!  When the keyring is unscrewed, you want the screw threads and the hexagon shaped screw to line up pretty evenly, like the bottom ring in the photo above. You can try to bend it back into shape with strong hands, or you can use adjustable pliers or adjustable vise grip. If you use a tool, consider putting a cloth or something soft between the grips and the keyring to avoid scratching or denting your keyring.   The alignment...

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